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Mathematics Glossary

A glossary of mathematical terms, concepts, and principals to help you obtain a state of mind where you love and enjoy mathematics. more...

Trigonometric Fomulas

An image of the trigonometric Formulas has been created for you to download for later use.

Math Learning Disabilities

You may be a genius at mathematics but you can't learn mathematics if your not seeing mathematics for what it is, it's a language and needs to be learned as a language. When in Rome you would for sure learn to speak Roman, not too many people speaking math these days. But with the Internet and software programs you can begin to develop those genius skills you have in math. Learn more...

Octave, Free Graphic Calculator Software

Octave is a computer program for performing numerical computations. It also produces incredible graphics. If you are involved with mathematics in any way this free program will allow you to do computations and give you graphical simulations in both 2d and 3 d. It ca be run as command line program or with GUI using QToctave.


Free graphic calculator Octave


octave graphical output using octave free graphical calculator


Octave come with extensive documentation and add-ons. For down loads...

The TI 89 Titanium Graphing Calculator

The carpenter needs his tools, the plumber needs his tools, the mathematician needs his tool! First, there is no such thing as cheating in mathematics! It's a language, you need to hear it, see it, read it, build those circuits in the brain thing. Learning mathematics is all about building circuits in the brain to put it all together. Staring at a problem for hours is just wasting time, if you can get the answer then you can at least work backwards to see how the answer was obtained. Your building circuits. Educational Institutions are set up to find fast working brains not teach. This is what they don't tell you. A slow minded person will surpass a quick thinker every time because if he sticks with"it", he will develop learning skills that the quick thinker will never develop. With these circuits he then will go on to discover great things.

The TI 89 calculator will allow you to develop those circuits in your brain by allowing you to work through mathematical problems that normally would have caused you to view mathematics negatively.

Hawking's out did other scientists not because he was a better thinker but because of his disability. He was unable to work the equations out on paper like other scientists, he had to work them out in his head. He developed that part of his brain to a point where he could work out problems that could not be worked out on paper. He was forced to build the brain circuits needed to do what he does.

The TI 89 calculator will allow you to develop parts of your brain you would have never reached with out it. If you want to succeed in the field of mathematics get the tools you need.

TI 89 Calculator

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